lylynn vu pham

always a pleasure, never a chore


Born in Western Massachusetts in a town I hate pronouncing, but my family moved around the country every three to four years. I went to almost a dozen different schools before college and never felt like I belonged anywhere until I move to New York City in 2006 for school. 11 years and a couple different boroughs later, I reside in Greenpoint Brooklyn with my crazy dog, Toki. 

I have always loved crafting, but I never thought of art as a means to an end and a part of me still doesn't. But inspired by the many artists in the many different facets of my life, I started painting and drawing a few years ago. The subject of my work is always the idea of 'change', femininity, female dominance, and sexuality; just like most art is, I guess. 

I hope you like it and if you don't, thanks for looking anyways.